We Made it!

Toronto -
city of the cold and the costly!

Poppy - the adventurer

Poppy is the youngest in my home.  She is just over a year old so is still a puppy.  I found Poppy while walking my dogs one evening when she was about 10 - 12 weeks old.  She had a piece of plastic string tied around her neck and had just been hit by a car, which sped off.  Thankfully, she wasn't hurt.  I posted fliers looking for her owners, scoured the areas nearby for weeks on end but was never able to place her or return her to her home.  People in the area said that she had been on the street for several days prior to my finding her.  Poppy wasn't considered "unusual" enough and local people weren't interested in adopting her.  The irony is that she is a Taiwan Tougou, a breed specific to Taiwan.  My Vet say's that most people don't realize that they are a special breed!  A short haired, black and brindled medium to large sized dog, she has been spayed and had her shots.  Poppy is a lovely playful young dog who likes to run and play.  She's also very smart and has been quick to learn.  Enthusiasm should be her middle name as she approaches life with great zest! 
Poppy will be available for adoption once we reach Canada, to the right home.