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Xiau Hua -

Xiau Hua means "Little Flower" in Mandarin, and she really is.  She is about 3 - 4 years old now.  When I rescued her, Xiau Hua was living in the stairwell of a high school where I teach.  Kids fed her scraps from time to time but other than that, she was pretty much on her own.  She had an injury to her left front leg and was in pain, scared and bewildered by all the activity around her.  It took some time to be able to get close to her , so I wasn't able to check her injury at the times when I would see her.  One day I heard her screaming and ran out of my classroom to check on her, only to find two dogcatchers having trapped her in nets and dragging her while beating her with a big pole.  Needless to say, this was unacceptable and I took her into my possession.  Her leg had to be amputated and that in itself, made her rather "un-adoptable",  Xiau Hua is now healthy, happy and a beautiful dog.  She is a short haired black and white small to medium sized dog who has been spayed and had all her shots.  Due to her history, she is a little shy and takes a while to warm to people but is a gentle, sweet dog.  Other dogs can be intimidating to her but given a little time, she adapts well.