We Made it!

Toronto -
city of the cold and the costly!

Settling In...

So we have arrived.  What a journey it's been!  Traveling with four dogs is NOT a piece of cake, although it went well on the whole.  I don't know how I would have managed without the help of my mother, Mary Helen.  Thank you for everything, Mom - you're a rock!

A word about airline kennels... and the animal who will be housed within said abode.

The trip started with four kennels, all airline approved.  It ended with three kennels, the fourth having to be thrown away as it was no longer usable. I know the issue wasn't with the kennel itself, as it was one of two identical ones I had purchased.  When buying a kennel for air travel (or any other modes of travel, for that matter), it would be wise to think about more than the dimensions and serviceability.  I learned a lot about my dogs and their personalities with this trip as each dog handled the  experience rather differently.  Cleo cried when I was out of sight.  Heartbreaking sounds, which echoed throughout the terminal.  Gromit, who I was the most concerned about, was quiet but clearly scared.  He couldn't wait to get out of the kennel and had to be forced back into it after a washroom break.  Xiau Hua was well behaved but also quite scared.  Out of them all, she was the easiest.  Poppy, who treats all experiences as exciting was... well, excited.  Her kennel did not survive  her and I shudder to think of what the cargo hold looked like after her explorations.  I have determined that NOTHING can hold this girl in if she doesn't want to be contained.  When the kennels arrived in the luggage retrieval area, hers was held together with plastic sheeting and ropes as she had literally chewed through the kennel.  Ever read "Marley and Me"?  If so, you get the picture...  On behalf of Poppy, who is now sleeping quietly on the floor, I apologize to Eva Airways.
How I wish this girl dog could talk... I've always wondered what the cargo hold looked like.

More to follow in the near future...